Industrial Manufacturing



SAI’s quick response and expertise allows us the ability to rapidly react to changing market conditions. Our flexible Tiger Team is fully equipped in handling high mix, variable demand products. We have a proven track record of 99% first past yields to ensure the highest quality to our customers. With our vertically integrated capabilities we can manufacture everything from small cables to full system box builds.  Below are some of the standard quality instruments that allow us to assemble to our customers’ high standards.

  •  SAI Active Scheduling supports high mix, variable demand product
  •  Unlimited System Solutions includes configure to order support
  •  Vertically-integrated cable manufacturing

Products have included:

  • Triple redundant control cables
  • Soil moisture monitor system
  • LED jewelry case module
  • LED truck inspection system
  • LCD display modules
  • Robotic control assemblies
  • SMT profile monitoring module
  • Water quality monitoring instrumentation
  • Servo control boards

Industries Served but not limited to:

Medical                                    GPS / Satellite
Aerospace / Defense                Commercial
Agricultural Industry                         Industrial
Telecommunications                  Recreation
Retail / Consumer                   Video / Audio
Antenna Systems                                Military
Gaming / Casino                    Entertainment

SAI is a leading provider of for your electronics contract manufacturing and contract manufacturing needs.

Industrial Contract Manufacturing San Diego, USA