PCBAs (Printed Circut Board Assemblies)

 Spectrum Assembly took our box build project from a standing start to shipping products in less than four weeks.   This was half the time of our previous supplier.   Having cables, PCBAs and box build all under one roof stood out to us as a competitive advantage for SAI and they delivered.  SAI helped us win business we would have otherwise lost.–High-Tech AV OEM

Spectrum Assembly is an outstanding partner that took complete control of our manufacturing and post-production support functions.   SAI allows us to focus on product and business development.  SAI is a true partner who makes our job much easier.–Agricultural Control Product

We can’t forecast our demand as well as we’d like, but when we need product, we can’t afford to run out.  SAI manages the supply chain and helps us keep our customers happy.–Medical OEM

I have received the first article cable assemblies and would like to thank you and your team for your expedition and quality. Especially on the USB and battery charger connectors (where I personally had the most problems assembling)… everything looks fantastic and we cannot wait to get the first article PCBAs! –Top tier Medical Company

Thanks a million helping me get the prototype board populated.  Thanks again for the amazing customer service!–LED Lighting Customer

Just an FYI, the workmanship that we saw in the assembly was excellent. –Leading Supplier of Connectors

Spectrum Assembly showed us how we could save money by moving production to the US from China.–High-Tech Industrial Control OEM

Spectrum Assembly’s Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) capabilities in San Diego include:

  • Turnkey and consignment materials support
  • ESD sensitive Areas
    • ESD waxed floors, ESD mats, jackets, wrist straps, heel straps, and Storage towers for SMT components
  • Multi-volume production
  • Prototype and quick-turn assembly
  • SMT
    • Mydata placement equipment used for quick changeover, ease of programming
    • Place components .01 x.005
    • BGA, flip chip, surface-mount connectors, through-hole components
    • Complete automated line from screen printing to SMT to reflow oven
  • Convection/IR reflow process
  • Manual PTH assembly
  • Lead-free RoHS and leaded manufacturing
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Aqueous cleaning
  • Functional test
  • Conformal coating

Every board is inspected by our AOI machine to ensure the highest amount of quality possible. Spectrum Assembly conforms to requirements for handing Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sensitive devices. We have a controlled ESD floor and ESD hand and foot devices for our employees.

We value our customers time. SAI guarantees on time delivery when we furnish the material. All material is built to IPC-A 610 and IPC-A 620 workmanship standard under ISO 9001, ISO 13485 or AS9100 requirements.