Spectrum Assembly’s Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) capabilities in San Diego include:

Turnkey and consignment materials support

  • Components stored in humidity-controlled point-of-use towers

  • ESD sensitive Areas

    • ESD waxed floors, ESD mats, jackets, wrist straps, heel straps, and Storage towers for SMT components

  • Multi-volume production

  • Prototype and quick-turn assembly

  • SMT

    • Mycronic placement equipment used for quick changeover, ease of programming

    • Place components .01 x.005

    • BGA, flip chip, surface-mount connectors, through-hole components

    • Complete automated line from screen printing to SMT to re-flow oven

  • Convection/IR re-flow process

  • Manual PTH assembly

  • Lead-free RoHS and leaded manufacturing

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)

  • Aqueous cleaning

  • Functional test

  • Conformal coating



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